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The seitan (say-tahn), original product of the extreme east, is the gluten of wheat (where they find practically the totality of his proteins) boiled during hour and a half with sauce of soybean, alga Kombu and ginger, which supposes an enrichment in you work out mineral and a contribution of lisina, essential amino acid of which the cereals are slightly deficit.


The tempeh It is the result of the fermentation of the grain of soybean by means of a mildew (Rhizopus oligosporus), which one finds in the same root of the plant.

This product originated it does hundreds of years in the central Java and of th (Indonesia).


The tofu is the rennet that arises on having cut the milk of soybean. It is original of China and it was introduced in Japan about the year 700. In a beginning it was a food of monks and nobles and it was not until the year 1600 that started spreading his use all over the country.